We are proud to announce our another success: in June the rinomated Bellevue Hotel&Spa, situated in Alps, Aosta Region has acquired our 7 seats Grifo shuttle.

The logistic services from Cogne to the skilifts and back permits to attract more tourists, and not only in winter season!

With a new service, offered by this splendid hotel, the guests can enjoy the wide fairy-tale area of Gran Paradiso Mountains.

Grifo shuttle is homologated for the public roads (N1 homologation) and thanks to the partial recharges can arrive to 100 km a day of autonomy.

Esagono Energia in Russia

Esagono Energia in Russia
Since very first contact with this company is immediately perceived a serious business experience and spirit of the innovators. The head of the company Esagono Energia, Mr. Carmeli, can be defined an experimenter as his company has come a long way from the sphere of telecommunications and alternative energy sources for the production of electric cars.

Here I wanted to devote more attention not so much to the productive structure, but to the product that offers us.

At this time, forces and resources of the Italian Esagono Energia are concentrated on a unique and innovative product type: commercial electric transport over short distances.

At a first glance, it may seem that the concept of this electric vehicle touches the specific commercial transportation in short distance while the corresponding market is still forming. In fact, the need for such forms of transport existed ever since the appearance of the transport itself. Even back in 1974 in the establishment of one of the auto facilities in the Soviet Union was set sup  a laboratory for the design of electric cars. It was the ” Try Feather,” an attempt to propose a conceptually new car trade in a country where officially there was no trade. But vetoed by the Soviet government on the term “commerce” did not prevent Soviet citizens to the need to move quietly to the parks, the cost to transport mail, economical transport for airport services and large companies .

Like many other interesting projects after the release of the first prototypes in the USSR the project has been closed and forgotten.

Let’s move away from the 70’s in our days in Northern Italy, Lombardy region. In the small  town named Pozzuolo Martesana, the company Esagono Energia designs and manufactures commercial electric transport for short distances.

The electric vehicles of Esagono Energia can be used in companies, such as parks or airports in small town as they are absolutely silent and emit no pollutants. Their different configurations respond to the many practical needs; one of the main features of this electric vehicle is that was born electric was not transformes from standard models with internal combustion engine. This allows it to be competitive on many parameters.

The electric vehicles of Esagono Energia:


Engineers of Esagono Energia perceived well the direction of development of the market for electric transportation and security have occupied a new niche of commercial transport electrical short distance: the facts confirmed by an increase in demand for such products. Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Mexico have already acquired the effectiveness and rationality of the use of such transportation. Now we are going in Russia.

The infrastructure for the electric transport spread as rapidly as the electric transport itself: the latest technologies are used to simplify and speed up the task of structural development. One example is the charger which is directly on board in the vehicle and has a normal socket.

The production process traditionally begins in the design office and then move into the technical and production as well as in the production system is structured in Batch: each island production plays a specific task of manufacture. Many processes are operated in Hexagon outsourcing to optimise costs and maintain good flexibility.

Being certified by the ISO 9001:2008, we guarantee that all our vehicles are COMPLETELY MADE IN ITALY.

Geco shuttle arrives in Slovenia

LubianaLubljiana introduces the electric shuttle Geco manufactured in Italian by Esagono Energia.
The service is called Kavalir, in English Gentleman: in facts, like a gentleman, the electric shuttle will bring tourists and residents in the historic centre of the Slovenian capital, which is closed to traffic for motor vehicles.
The first trial day was Monday 2nd Semptember 2013 to inaugurate the first day of the European Week of the Mobility Continue reading