scegliere gastone Choosing a new electric shuttle Grifo


Grifo electric shuttle is a son of Geco, was born electric. It is not an electrification of a traditional vehicle with combustion engine.


Electric minibus Grifo is environmentally friendly: noiseless and recyclable over 97% according to European Directive 2005/64/C. Aluminium collision-proof frame structure, 10 years guaranteed and batteries without maintenance.


Grifo minibus lets you reduce considerably the costs relates to mileage, taxes and insurance. The only costs are batteries and tyres. Guaranteed savings


Grifo shuttle can achieve 130 Km. (80 miles) of autonomy thanks to the batteries of greater capacity. Once discharged, you can replace them in a few minutes, ensuring a continuous work 24 hours on 24.

Easy to drive

Our electric shuttle Grifo has a  small size (1.360 x 3.982 mm.)which make the circulation particularly suitable in the city centres, as well as in logistic and industrial complexes. For this reason you can easily work inside warehouses and move even throughout ways with raise and fall, thanks to its high performance.


Electric bus Grifo can carry up to 7 passengers (8 - in private areas), including a driver plus 380 kg. of luggage.

N1 Homologated

Grifo has European homologation  for road circulation for people and luggages.

Electronically advanced

Grifo is equipped with onboard electronics, which optimise the consumption of energy and supports adequate driving styles.