Geco shuttle arrives in Slovenia

LubianaLubljiana introduces the electric shuttle Geco manufactured in Italian by Esagono Energia.
The service is called Kavalir, in English Gentleman: in facts, like a gentleman, the electric shuttle will bring tourists and residents in the historic centre of the Slovenian capital, which is closed to traffic for motor vehicles.
The first trial day was Monday 2nd Semptember 2013 to inaugurate the first day of the European Week of the Mobility

The electric shuttle Geco, versatile and noiseless, offers an ecologic transport as it does not produce noise nor exhaust emissions.
Can drive uo to 100 Km with one charge and has the N! European Homologation for the circulation on public roads; its structure can comfortably allows the transportation of up to 6 people (driver included), and can circulate also in winter as it is completely closed and equipped with heater.

The sliding door can be opened upon request of the passengers and guarantee an easy access also to people with mobility impairments.

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