Esagono Energia electric vehicles: the reasons of a Sustainable Projectcattura-logo-primo

N1 homologated electric vehicles – minibus (shuttles) e pick-up - are eligible (in accordance with local regulations) for incentives, free access to restricted traffic areas, tax exemption, etc.

Completely Made in Italy by Esagono Energia (since 1985).

Why choose Esagono Energia

Our advantages:

Esagono Energia vehicles have a payload up to 1.250 Kg, that comply to the N1 category. That means that the main parts as axles, suspensions, chassis, engine, etc. are designed and dimensioned to work and in compliance with the high N1 standard. That means SAFETY.

Esagono Energia vehicles are road homologated in TRUCK CATEGORY N1 and are subject to mandatory security tests according to UE directive 2007/46/CE (European directive for all the vehicle categories M – N –O, reference directive in automotive sector).

Esagono Energia vehicles have one of the LONGEST RANGE of autonomy (up to 130 km./day), that is compatible with the availaible battery packs and  ECE101 certified.

Esagono Energia vehicles use GEL/AGM (without free lead acid and no need to refilling) or Lithium batteries with on-board charger.

Lead sealed battery doesn`t request maintenance. Consequently, no maintenance costs and no risk of battery damages in case of human factor errors.  Available batteries fast replacement option (less than 5 min.).

ALUMINUM frame has 10 yrs. of guarantee. Grants hudge payload, durability and weather resistance.

Esagono Energia vehicles (company certified ISO 9001:2008) are 100% tailor-made in Italy.


As all the important things, Gastone and later Geco&Grifo were born from a love. Thinking about a sustainable mobility, we imagined you while working all day long in the streets of the city centres or inside companies. A continuous stop-and-go, looking for a place to stand, struggling against noise pollution and harmful emissions, concentrated in squaring the increasing operative costs for fuel and amortization. We know that you need an electric vehicle: strong and resistant, with a remarkable payload and high performances. On the market you found only operating machineries, transformation of lift truck or quadricycles used in golf courses. Others transformed the endothermic vehicles, without considering that the addition of the batteries, with their weight, would have affected considerably the consumptions, compromising the development of your daily activities. Gastone, Geco&Grifo were born for this reason.

Engineered to be electric, optimising payload, range, batteries and chassis structure. The street and road rules are their cradle. They have the European Homologation N1 and can hold their head high everywhere. The homologation process foresees tests by third-party laboratories with international recognitions for safety, visibility, ergonomics, braking and range. The structure of Gastone, Geco&Grifo is in aluminium to grant battery long life, best payload and long range. For this reason can afford a stronger motor in order to give more emotions and face difficult routes.

R&D – Research and Development of innovative ideas

The technical office of Esagono Energia is able to finalize the market spurs and most innovative results of scientific researches in products and services with high performances.
In this way we can guarantee:

  • continuous improvements of the electric vehicles;
  • concrete solutions to different customers' needs;
  • innovation of commercial vehicles;
  • maximum respect of the environment.

We pay also particular attention to technical documentation for the correct use, maintenance and reparation of the vehicle. The last IT technologies are available to realize a continuous monitoring of the vehicles both in management and diagnostic point of view.
Our R&D department, in synergy with production, sales and post-sales departments, supplies efficient work instruments and solutions guaranteed over time at a predefined cost.
Esagono Energia has collaboration contracts in progress with different Italian Universities and International Authorities about our main targets in engineering field as:

  • occupational safety;
  • power train efficiency;
  • energy recovery management;
  • new IT technologies.

Production: maximum attention to minimum details...100% Made in Italy

The product needs to have high characteristics of quality and reliability, not all definable at project stage, but that can be guaranteed only by operators' faculties and experience.
For this reason the production is organized in working areas, which flow into final line of the composed parts or vehicles. The machinings are guided by detailed assembly and testing instructions which foresee the report, on apposite forms, of all operations and results of the tests.
Each manufactured vehicle is tested both by means of testing machine and on street, according to recorded testing procedures.

Esagono Energia periodically organizes and actualizes plans of continuous improvement of the product and of its system for the quality management certified ISO 9001. As manufacturer of electric vehicles with homologation N1, obtained the European Certification by the Italian Ministry of Transportation.

With Gastone, Geco&Grifo you save your money, considering the management costs and the level of reliability and service. There are solutions with cheap purchase price, but the costs increase with the use and the performances are not guaranteed. Gastone, Geco and Grifo were born from a deep emotion of who has engineered them, the same emotion that passes to you with their forms, dimensions and performances. This also makes Gastone, Geco and Grifo big giants of the 100% Made in Italy