Applications of Gastone, the electric vehicle suitable for every work situation

From tourism to industry, from passenger transportation to public administration... Among all commercial vehicles, the electric vehicle is the best means that lets you move safety and respecting the environment. Among all electric vehicles, Gastone, Geco and Grifo are one of the best electric vehicles thanks to theirs customizible configurations.

persone Transportation of people

Geco and Grifo electric shuttles can transport up to 7 people, driver included; luggage can be loaded in the rear compartment. Moreover also people with motor disabilities and wheelchair and/or stroller can be hosted on board. Thanks to the N1 homologation, it can circulate on roads, even in limited traffic areas and pedestrian zones, because it does not pollute.


Here are listed some of the main applications of Gastone in transportation of people field:

  • Shuttle service
  • Guided tours
  • Exhibition centres
  • Casino
  • Farm holidays, hotels, bed & breakfast, boarding houses, camp sites, resorts and holiday villages
  • Water parks
  • Zoological gardens
  • Airports, intermodal and logistic centres, harbours
  • Private companies
  • Museums
  • Hotel services
  • Transportation of visitors in cemeteries