Applications of Gastone, the electric vehicle suitable for every work situation

From tourism to industry, from passenger transportation to public administration... Among all commercial vehicles, the electric vehicle is the best means that lets you move safety and respecting the environment. Among all electric vehicles, Gastone, Geco and Grifo are one of the best electric vehicles thanks to theirs customizible configurations.

municipali Municipalities

Gastone is the ideal vehicle for the management of the municipalities in city centres or in private areas. It is a zero-emission vehicle and can circulate everywhere, even in limited traffic areas and pedestrian zones. Its small dimensions facilitate you also in the narrow streets of the city centres.


Here are listed some of the main applications of Gastone in municipality field:

  • Urban maintenance (streets, monuments, cleanliness)
  • Waste collection
  • Maintenance of street illuminations
  • Social services
  • Last mile distribution
  • Food delivery services at controlled temperature
  • Shuttle service
  • Transportation of visitors in cemeteries
  • Social services for the elderly and/or people with disabilities
  • Guided tours
  • Transportation in limited traffic areas
  • Sports facilities
  • Prisons
  • Canteens