choosing gastoneWhy choose electric pick-up Gastone?

Electric pick-up Gastone is the ideal vehicle for commercial transportation, exist in long (LWB) and short (SWB) versions and can be customized according to Your needs.

Some features of electric pick-up Gastone:

Cattura esagono 2Electric pick-up Gastone  has a payload up to 1.250 Kg, that comply to the N1 category. That means that the main parts as axles, suspensions, chassis, engine, etc. are designed and dimensioned to work and in compliance with the high N1 standard. That means SAFETY.

Cattura esagono 2Electric pick-up Gastone is road homologated in Truck category N1 and is subject to mandatory security tests according to UE directive 2007/46/CE (European directive for all the vehicle categories M – N –O, reference directive in automotive sector).

Cattura esagono 2Electric pick-up Gastone has one of the LONGEST RANGE of autonomy (up to 130 km.), that is  compatible with the available battery packs and  ECE101 certified.

Cattura esagono 2Electric pick-up Gastone use GEL/AGM (without free lead acid and no need to refilling) or Lithium batteries with on-board charger. GEL/AGM batteries doesn`t request maintenance (consequently, no maintenance costs and no risk of battery damages in case of human factor errors).  Available batteries fast replacement option (less than 5 min.).

Cattura esagono 2Aluminium frame, with 10 yrs. of guarantee, grants huge payload, durability and weather resistance.

Cattura esagono 2 100% made in Italy, Company certified ISO 9001:2008.

Cattura esagono 2 Electric pick-up Gastone is customizable: more than 20 configurations are available.            

 Among them: