Which are the costs related to the purchase of the electric vehicles of Esagono Energia?
The cost of a complete charge is about € 1,5 (average price referred to Italian market in year 2017). Thanks to awareness in the field of electric vehicles, different facilitations are already active in different countries about insurance policies, road taxes and access to restricted traffic areas.

Are the Esagono electric vehicles equipped with devices that reduce the consumptions? The electric vehicles, produced by Esagono are engineered to reduce the management and maintenance costs. Just to have a couple of examples: are equipped with energy recovery and a device that deactivates the heater when driver is out of place.


How can I charge the battery of Esagono electric vehicles?
Our electric vehicles can be charged everywhere, since they are equipped with a common domestic socket of 220V.

Which type of battery have the electric vehicles of Esagono?
The electric vehicles of Esagono Energia are equipped with  lead sealed or Lithium batteries, without maintenance/refill. The main advantages are: hermetically sealed (GEL/AGM batteries have no harmful emission and can be charged also in closed areas),  resistant to huge temperatures (do not need refills and tolerate the cold), small dimensions (GEL/AGM are compact and the dead battery pack can be replaced with a new one in only 5 minutes with a transpallet, that allows a continuous work), weight (are the lightest of their category, so to not compromise the vehicle performances).


Which certifications has Esagono Energia?
Esagono Energia is certified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports according to Regulations CUNA NC090-15 e CUNA NC 090-16 for the manufacturing of wiring and assembly of electro-magnetic devices. Moreover its system for the quality management has been certified according to standard ISO9001.

Are the electric vehicles Gastone, Geco and Grifo homologated?
The electric vehicles  Gastone, Geco, Grifo and Gaglioffo have the European Certification N1.
This homologation allows the circulation on all streets, as a normal truck. You can guide them with B patent.


How do you guarantee the quality of electric vehicles, produced by Esagono?
Our  electric vehicles are 100% tailor-made in Italy and guarantee high quality standards. Esagono Energia cooperates only with certified and well-known suppliers of the automotive sector.
We pay attention to the environment also in the choice of our components: all electric vehicles are manufactured with materials recyclable over 97%, according to European Directive 2005/64/CE.

Are the Esagono electric vehicles safe?
Each electric vehicle, produced by Esagono Energia is singularly tested on completely automated test bench. It is engineered with all such technical devices that make it a safe vehicle: three-point safety belts, buzzer for reverse, solid and resistant chassis in aluminium, large side view mirrors. For more details, please see our technical sheets.


Which guarantee do you offer?
Our electric vehicles are covered by a 24-month guarantee on components, manpower included, exception made for parts subject to wear. On reparations, the guarantee is extended for 12 months. Batteries have also 24-month`s guarantee. Aluminium frame has 10 years guarantee. 

Where can I find spare parts?
All components are the same used in the automotive sector, therefore the availability is ensured. Esagono Energia has an efficient network of assistance centres, to support you in any eventuality. Moreover it undertakes to make the spare parts available in 48 hours.