Settori di utilizzo

Dal turismo all’industria, dal trasporto di persone ai servizi nella pubblica amministrazione, tra tutti i veicoli commerciali il veicolo elettrico è il mezzo migliore per muoversi in sicurezza, nel totale rispetto dell’ambiente. Tra tutti i veicoli commerciali elettrici, Gastone, Geco e Grifo sono i migliori e si adattano ad ogni situazione di lavoro e di utilizzo grazie ai loro allestimenti personalizzabili.

industria Industry

The electric vehicles Gastone and Geco can be widely used in the industry sector. Their small dimensions, great payload and long range make them the ideal allies for your work. Thanks to their short steering radius, they are easy to drive and can go practically everywhere, permitting modifications on itineraries and operating methods in order to reduce significantly time and costs. The modular structure of the vehicle allows a huge range of configurations according to your needs. Some examples of standard configurations are van, tipper, rack and canvas and isothermal van.
Here are listed some of the main applications of Gastone and Geco in industry field:

  • Exhibition centres
  • Airports, harbours, intermodal and logistic centres
  • Large retailers, markets (wholesale, fish, fruits and vegetables)
  • Logistic centres of big carriers
  • Service cooperative companies (catering, industrial laundries…)
  • Integrated logistic companies
  • Storehouses
  • Department stores
  • Shuttle service
  • Transportation of goods at controlled and tacked temperature