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High pressure washer and irrigation electric vehicle Gastone uses the platform with sides on which is mounted a modern irrigation system with high and low-pressure pump. The great vehicle payload results in the availability of a tank with a capacity of up to 800 litres. The irrigation system can be easily removed with a forklift, allowing the use of the vehicle as well as pick-up with sides.

All commercial vehicles of Esagono Energia have protected doors (ABS+Aluminium) and sliding windows.

Up to 130 km./a day of autonomy (test ECE101, depends on selected batteries).

The European homologation N1 as Truck provides advanced standards of Quality and Safety and allows access to incentives where available.

Batteries without maintenance (AGM, Lead sealed – no refilling needed) and collision-proof aluminium frame structure, 10 years guaranteed.

High pressure washer & irrigation  Long version Short version
Tank maximum filling capacity 760 lt 780 lt
Tank material Polietilene Polietilene
Automatic pump 130 bar 130 bar
Pump capacity 8 lt/min 8 lt/min
Rubber hose length 10 mt 10 mt
Length 3.890 mm 3.230 mm
Width 1.200 mm 1.200 mm
Height 1.940 mm 1.940 mm
Axle spacing 2.070 mm 1.520 mm
Weight (full mass in running order) 2.000 Kg 2.000 Kg
Towing capacity (homologated) 450 Kg 450 Kg
Towing capacity (private areas) 3.000 Kg 3.000 Kg