Fresh food cooling van 0-4 °C  with isothermal walls, thanks to the arrangement in aluminium configuration allows a load capacity of 530Kg. or 1.500L (1,5m3 ), as well as the insulation thanks to the fiberglass sandwich walls  with rigid polyurethane foam. Supplied with damper side and optional rear doors, allows the freight operations sensitive to temperature issues, from  0 to 4 °C/ 32-39,2 °F - Fresh Food.  The internal part of the box is  white gelcoat finished, specific for foods.

Fresh food cooling van  
Cooler capacity 1500 L
Cooler dimension (external) in mm 1100x1800x1100 mm
Cooler weight 400 Kg
Cooler maximum absorption 24V/220V AC
Insulation sides thick 80 mm
Length 3.890 mm
Width 1.200 mm
Height 1.940 mm
Axle spacing 2.070 mm
Weight (full mass in running order) 2.000 Kg
Towing capacity (homologated) 450 Kg
Towing capacity (private areas) 3.000 Kg